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We are Griffin Tool, Inc.

Griffin Tool, Inc., located in Stevensville, Michigan, specializes in the design and fabrication of trim dies for the die cast and foundry industries. Clients include companies producing autos, lighting, power tools, small gas engines, farm equipment, recreational vehicles, and office furniture. The 65-member team serves customers throughout the world.


At Griffin, the tool and die roots run deep. Louis Sahs worked in the industry for Pemco in Bridgman, Michigan and then later started Progressive Tool & Die. Greg Griffin apprenticed with his father-in-law, Louis, and worked for Progressive for many years. He later worked for Metal Processors before opening Griffin Tool, Inc. in 1988 with a partner who soon chose to pursue other endeavors. Greg and wife Chris raised a family in Stevensville, Michigan while running the family business.

Malcolm Cowan, Chief Executive Officer, began working for Griffin Tool in 1994 as an apprentice through Lake Michigan College. He and Jenny Griffin married in 1999, and both worked for Griffin Tool throughout the following decades. They acquired the business from Jenny’s parents in 2018, during the 30th anniversary year for the company. Jenny then assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer.


Daughter Lillian began working for the family business through a co-op program in high school, and upon graduation in 2021, joined Griffin Tool, Inc. as Office Manager and a fourth-generation family member to help lead the business.

Malcolm Cowan_Chief Executive Officer and President_Headshots_DSC_1973.jpg

Malcolm Cowan

Chief Executive Officer and President
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Jennifer Cowan_Chief Financial Officer_Headshots_DSC_1982.jpg

Jenny Cowan

Chief Financial Officer
nsion 233

Jason Caropepe_Operations Manager_Headshots_DSC_2079.jpg

Jason Caropepe

Operations Manager

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Lillian Cowan_Office Manager_Headshots_DSC_2007.jpg

Lillian Cowan

Office Manager

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Greg Davis_Sales Manager_Headshots_DSC_2063.jpg

Greg Davis


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Tim Dye_Engineering Manager_Headshots_DSC_2028.jpg

Tim Dye

Engineering Manager

Extension 228


Debbie Schroeder

Administrative Specialist

Extension 241

Rod McGillvra_Senior Engineer_Headshots_DSC_2033.jpg

Rod McGilvra

Senior Engineer

Extension 240

Brian Moore_Head of CNC Department_Headshots_DSC_2053.jpg

Brian Moore

Head of CNC Department

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At Griffin Tool, we are dedicated to the highest level of excellence. Our people, our service, and our products are unrivaled in the industry. We deliver through the continual improvement of our quality management system and listening to customer needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, along with the development of a strong trust that ensures a comfortable working relationship.


Our Mission

The mission of Griffin Tool is to create the highest-quality tools for our customers, close to home and around the world.

Core Vision


Griffin Tool will continue to serve our customers and be a valued member of our community for generations to come. Our goal is to be known as the best in the business.

Core Values


Griffin Tool’s number one driving force is making sure we exceed our customers’ expectations. We do everything we can to help them succeed.


We are continuously working so that our customers’ businesses can keep production going. If there’s an issue, we’ll fix it quickly so your team members can keep working.


At Griffin Tool, we are known for our commitment to being ethical in our relationships with our customers.  Our guiding philosophy is “do the right thing,” for our customers, our team, and our community.


Many of our customers have worked with us for a long time. Our team works to understand your business so that we can best serve you. Our approach is to create connections that our customers value.


Many of our loyal team members work for Griffin Tool their entire career as they are truly committed to our success.  As a family-owned business, we’re on our third generation of organizational leaders.  We take pride in the fact that our staff consider Griffin Tool a family.

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