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Trim dies engineered with U.S. pride inside.


The Griffin Team

22 CNCs

6 Charmilles Wire EDM

4 Tryout Presses

Part Digitizing


Our Facility

Griffin Tool has the talent
and the technology to

exceed your expectations :

  • 22 Hurco CNC Mills

  • 6 Charmilles Wire EDM

  • 4 Finishing Presses

  • Reverse Engineering Capabilities

  • Dedicated Sales and Engineering Departments

  • 2 Large Bridge Mills - Capacity X : 122”, Y : 78”, Z : 31“, 22000 Lbs.

  • 15 Ton Max Crane Capacity

  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered


The Griffin Difference

While our primary business is trim dies, we excel at building fixtures, trim presses, general machining, and special machines. We can produce virtually any tooling you need.

Tech + Intelligence + Skill = Griffin

Our Great Customers

"Griffin has been a great supplier of trim dies to us for years. The people are great to work with as they are both knowledgeable and very personable. They produce a quality product and make sure it fits our needs and expectations. They are also very connected and involved in our community – an indication of the quality business they are."

Bill Bancroft

Supreme Casting Inc.

“Griffin Tool has always provided us with quality tooling at a very competitive price with excellent service after the sale and delivery.”

Dave Patterson


"Griffin Tool is my go-to machine shop for all of my shear tooling and automation equipment. Out of all the shops I have used in the 15 years here, they are the ones that will go above and beyond to make any bad situation better. At times when I need an item to facilitate operations, one phone call and I have what I need quickly and efficiently. There is never a question of who I should order from because it will always be Griffin Tool when I need it."

Bobbie Johnson


At Griffin Tool, we’re a family-run company whose business is trim dies. We specialize in the design and fabrication of trim dies for the die cast and foundry industries. Our sales and engineering staff all have real toolmaking experience. This gives us the ability to serve small and large customers in both the automotive and non-automotive industries. We not only build tooling; we build relationships with our customers and are committed to providing the best service possible. From design, to production, to implementation, we're here to help.


Griffin Tool takes pride in the fact that we're able to provide the highest quality and most supported tooling in the world. By constantly extending our capabilities through new equipment acquisitions and building expansions, we are sought after by manufacturers across the globe. Griffin Tool serves customers in America, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, and Wales and creates dies for brands such as Tesla, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Stihl, Hitatchi, and the big three: Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors. We are always glad to lend a hand when local companies like Whirlpool Corporation or American Electric Power need our help.

The team at Griffin Tool is focused on family and supporting our community. We have fathers and sons, best friends, and uncles and nephews working here. It’s not uncommon to find someone with decades of experience, and many people make Griffin their lifelong career. We are avid supporters of our local schools and robotics programs and sponsor many of their efforts each year. We work hard, and we play hard, taking time to celebrate our team and all that we accomplish together in service of our clients.

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